We at Dytor & Yates real estate pledge that we will be responsible managers of our clients’ assets.

Initial Discussion
A member of Dytor & Yates property management team meet you – preferrably at your home – to discuss your plans and assess your property for the rental market. During this discussion you can also tell us about your home.

This can include your preference on garden maintenance, any renovation planned before the move, and any other key details pertaining to your property.

We price your property based on the following factors: time of year, other properties available, location, type of property, features and target market.

We then compare your property with like properties we manage, and other comparable properties currently available on the market. We offer you a rental price range, and then a start price, where we would suggest we begin marketing.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I have my property professionally managed?

The requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act is very specific and it takes time and experience to master these laws to be able to correctly apply them to a tenancy.  A gamble is also taken when putting new tenants into properties without the resources of the Tenancies Information Services Databases that Real Estate Agents use to check prospective tenants past histories.

At Dytor & Yates Real Estate our Property Manager is highly trained and is constantly updating her knowledge of the relevant legislation taking all these tasks from you to give you worry free management.

How do you choose a good tenant?

Dytor & Yates Real Estate is a member of the Tenant Information Centre of Australasia (TICA), a massive database centre that provides evidence of tenants’ past history. Only licensed Real Estate Agents can belong to TICA.

Our selection process is very thorough, as under our anti-discrimination policy we have a selection criteria for tenants that we follow, the selection guidelines being:  stability of employment, ability to pay the rent, ability to maintain the property, pets and character.

We judge tenants and prospective tenants on individual merits rather than assumptions due to personal matters such as race, marital status, age etc.

How do you find tenants for my property?

Because of our location, we have the highest walk in rental enquiry of any agency in the area.  We also have your property displayed on the internet at www.realestate.com.au and www.goldcoasthomes.com.au  and in our window display.  We work hard to keep vacancy time to a minimum.

Do the tenants pay a bond?

Yes.  Before a tenant is given keys to a property, they must pay the equivalent of four weeks rent as bond  for properties under $700.00 per week and six weeks rent  as bond for properties over and above $700.00 per week, and the first two weeks rent up front.

The bond is lodged at the RTA on your behalf.  This bond is not refunded to the tenants until the property has passed a final inspection after they vacate and all rent is paid in full.

How much does it cost to have my property managed?

Our charges for full management of properties are:

Rent collection and arrears: 5% of gross rent

Management fees: 3.25% of gross rent incl. GST

Administration expenses: $5.00 per month + GST

Attending tribunal hearings: $55.00 per hour

Advertising: At cost

A letting fee equal to one weeks rent + GST is charge when a new tenant takes possession.

Our services include:

  • Acquiring new tenants
  • Preparing the tenancy agreement
  • Documenting the condition of the property (Entry & Exit Reports)
  • Inspecting the property (Every 3 months)
  • Supervising the tenant’s departure and behaviour
  • Dealing with problems including those, that may end up with the RTA or Small Claims Tribunal

How do I get paid?

All monies received by Dytor & Yates Real Estate that are credited to your property are banked into a Trust Account. We use the latest in computer systems to control income and expenditure on your property.

At the end of each month the Trust Account is balanced, a statement is produced for you showing all rent received and any repairs deducted and a schedule of our costs.

Your balance is directly deposited into your nominated bank account by electronic transfer to ensure you have access to your funds at the earliest possible opportunity.

Does my property get inspected regularly?

Yes.  The law allows a minimum of 3 monthly inspection s and these we do.  We report back to you in writing after noting the care and cleanliness of the property and as far as is practicable to look for any possible maintenance issues that need attention.  We also enclose photos of your property.

Can I ask tenants to attend to repairs and maintenance on my property?

No.  It is not the responsibility of the tenants to attend to this and it is in your own interests to ensure that repairs are done promptly and in a tradesman-like manner.

How do I choose which tradesmen to use?

The tradespeople used by Dytor & Yates Real Estate are carefully chosen and have many years experience and proven record in doing a good job at a reasonable price.

Can I do the repairs on the property myself?

Yes.  All the decisions on repairs and maintenance are up to the owner.  If you want to be contacted before maintenance is carried out, this can be done.  However, by law, tenants have the right to contact tradespeople direct in an emergency situation (but only if they are unable to contact Dytor & Yates first).

The proper amount of notice needs to be given to the tenant when you arrive to carry out repairs or maintenance. This must be done through your property manager and under no circumstances should you turn up at your tenants home without these notices in place.

Can I access my property whenever I choose?

No.  Very clear rules are laid down by the Residential Tenancies Authority with regard to tenant’s rights to quiet enjoyment of the property.  All you have to do is contact us and we will advise you of your access rights.

Can I evict a tenant if they have a lease?

A tenant can only be evicted during their tenancy if they have broken the terms of that lease.  We will advise on the correct procedures.

Can I sell my house while it is rented?

Yes, but unless the tenant and the purchaser agree in writing to shorten the term, a fixed tenancy must run its full term.  If a tenant is on a periodic (month by month) lease, one month’s notice to vacate must be given provided there is a contract of sale on the property.

Is the condition of my property documented?

Yes.  A thorough check of the property is completed prior to a tenant taking possession and the information recorded on an Entry Condition Report.  At completion of the tenancy, the property is inspected against the original Condition Report.  Basically the property must be in the same condition as when the tenants moved in except for normal wear and tear.

If my property is vacant, do you give prospective tenants the keys to my house?

No, prospective tenants are shown through the property personally with a staff member.

Can I insure myself against loss of rent and damage to the property?

Yes.  We recommend you check with your current insurer regarding building, contents (fixtures & fittings), public liability and landlord insurances.

Do tenants pay GST on rent?

No.  Rental payments are GST free.

Do I pay GST on management fees?

Yes.  The tax reform legislation that took effect on 1st July, 2000 requires us to remit 10% of all fees to the Australian Tax Office.

Do I pay GST on any tradesperson’s accounts?

Yes.  GST is payable on the supply of labour and materials.

If there is no GST on rent, how do I compensate for the costs of GST?

By setting the rent at a level that provides a fair return on your investment, but is realistic in terms of what the market will pay.  Our Property Manager is continually monitoring   rents to ensure Landlords are receiving the highest rents possible.